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With so many options to choose from, it is becoming increasingly difficult to choose the right cosmetologist school and program. When making a decision about which school to attend, it is always important to keep certain factors in mind. Mentioned below is a list of things to keep in mind when choosing the right school:

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  1. Accreditation

The most important thing to consider when going to beauty school is accreditation. If your school and program aren’t accredited, you won’t be able to go far with your qualifications.

  1. Cost of attendance

The cost of attending beauty school for long is also a major concern for most students. This is a personal decision and will be decided based on your finances and those of your families. In truth, the cost of your tuition, etc. will depend on the school you attend. In general cosmetology schools will cost $17,000. At the upper limit, you may have to spend around $23,000 and at the lower limit, you will have to spend $12,000. These figures will vary depending on the state you live in as well.

  1. Proximity

When looking for the right beauty school, it is important to know how far it is from the place you live in. During the program, you will have to commute to school and a longer distance will eventually tire you out. If there are no beauty schools in your locale, then you may want to consider relocation.

  1. Career services office

Try to look for schools that have a career services office and can help you nab a job right after graduation. Career services officials will also have information on apprenticeship opportunities etc.

  1. The teachers

If you’re going to attend a program, it is crucial that you research who is teaching the courses. Good cosmetology instructors can make or break your program experience.

  1. Financial aid

For students who cannot pay tuition bills, the best option is to search for cosmetology schools nearby that offer financial aid packages.

What Other Skills Do I Need at Cosmetology School?

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are certain skills and traits you should have if you plan to excel in the field of cosmetology, including:

  • Creativity
  • Listening skills
  • Physical stamina
  • Tidiness
  • Time management skills
  • Customer service skills


How Much Can a Certified Cosmetologist Make?

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, barbers, hair stylists, and cosmetologists make a median annual wage of $24,830 and an hourly median wage of $11.94. The minimum qualification you need to get to have an entry-level position in the field is a post-secondary non degree award. The number of jobs available in the industry in 2016 was 673,700 and this figure is expected to grow by 13% adding 87,600 new jobs to the industry between 2016 and 2026.